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How Much Do Mandates Matter for Obamacare?

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington recently heard arguments in the latest legal skirmish over President Obama’s sweeping healthcare reform. A central issue was the constitutionality of the law’s “individual mandate”: its requirement that citizens buy health insurance. The constitutionality of the individual mandate has dominated coverage of the implementation of healthcare reform, so […]

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Getting Bit by COBRA

Forgive me, but this may seem a bit random at first and then a bit wonky.  But there’s a point.  So, bear with me and I’ll try to be as brief as possible. I recently attended the Annual American Political Science Association Conference in Seattle.  One of the virtues of the Conference is that I […]

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A Billion Dollar Campaign? Good!

As the presidential election draws nearer, commentators are already wringing their hands about the amounts of money being raised. Banner headlines decry the possibility that President Obama will raise a billion dollars for his campaign. This obsession with the amounts of money spent on campaigns runs deep in American politics. Indeed, our entire system of […]

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